IT services

IT-related information for event organisers

Internet (WAN)

Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Ltd. has a 40 Mbit / 40 Mbit Internet connection. For previously agreed time periods, the speed of the connection can be further increased if the event to be organised requires higher bandwidth Internet connection. Vigadó has 4 external IP addresses, which enables us to provide you with an external IP address at your request. Depending on the venue of the event, you will be able to take advantage of this external IP address using your own router and network equipment, which will be provided by the event organiser. 


Local network (LAN)

A 1000 Mbit / 1000 Mbit LAN is available in the entire building. This wired network is available for communication between internal devices (PCs, laptops, printers). Upon request, Vigadó will provide a separate virtual network (VLAN) for the event. As a default configuration, 512 IP addresses are provided. If a higher number of IP addresses are required, Vigadó will arrange for a special configuration.



WIFI is accessible in the building with a coverage of 95%. WIFI Acces Points provide 300 Mbit/s LAN speed. The top capacity of communication towards the Internet cannot exceed 40 Mbit due to the bandwidth of the WAN. The speed may be influenced by the number of connected Stations (WIFI-connected devices, PCc, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.). Upon request, a unique SSID (name of the WIFI) and password will be provided for events in the scope of a separate VLAN or a VLAN corresponding to a wired network. The building is served by 44 Acces Points, each of which can provide connections for 30 Stations at 2.4 GHz and 30 Stations at 5 GHz. With a view to the above, the number of devices that can potentially be served largely depends on the venue of the event and whether the devices communicate at 2.4 or 5 GHz. Theoretically speaking, WIFI is accessible for 250 devices in the Ceremonial Hall.