Location: Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition Hall on the 6th Floor

Fellow Images

Exhibition by the Section of Film and Photography of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

For centuries, cultural and social life has been intrigued by the topic of the emergence and development of friendships between artists. Organised by the Section of Film and Photography of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, this large-scale introductory purpose exhibition connects, and puts into perspective, artworks produced by photography and film-making specialists along the theme of interpreting friendship as an emotional bond and as a shared way of thinking. The concept behind the exhibition is that a Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts invites a non-member artist and they jointly mount an exhibition. Linked on the basis of diverse perspectives, such artist duos, thus temporarily connected, share different viewpoints and thoughts, which not only attests to the recognition of these artists in wider circles and shows their imbeddedness in Hungarian cultural life but also proves their intense artistic activity.

While this showcase is on display, the curators of the exhibition offer biweekly guided tours to the general public. 

2017.02.16. 16:00 - Uhl Gabriella

2017.03.02. 16:00 - Haris László

2017.03.17. 16:00 - Uhl Gabriella

2017.03.30. 16:00 - Haris László

Organizer: Section  of Film Arts and Photography of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Ticket: 1.500 Ft


2017.02.04. 10:00-2017.04.02. 19:00