Cooperation Agreement Signed

2017. April 14.

President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Professor Emeritus György Fekete and Vice-President of the Chinese National Academy of Arts Tan Ping signed a cooperation agreement between their institutions in the presence of State Secretary for Culture Péter Hoppál and Vice-President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Marcell Jankovics.

Cooperation Agreement Signed

In the scope of the cooperation agreement, Pesti Vigadó is hosting an exhibition entitled "From the East", which opened on 10th April. The exhibition features paintings, calligraphies and seal carvings by contemporary Chinese artists, who mix traditional art with modern art. In return, an exhibition of Hungarian artists' works is scheduled to be open in China at the beginning of 2018.

Within a short time, the Hungarian Academy of Arts has signed its third international cooperation agreement. Through such agreements, the institution successfully integrates Hungarian artists into international art life, ensures cultural diversity and facilitates the showcasing of foreign artworks.

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