PAY BY POETRY on World Poetry Day!

2017. March 20.

Deep inside of our hearts and souls, we are all poets. Let us set this day free so that poetry can soar above us and let us make this day a special one. Order a cup of coffee, gain inspiration and PAY BY POETRY: you can also do so in Pesti Vigadó's Café up until 5 p.m. on 21st March 2017 on World Poetry Day.

PAY BY POETRY on World Poetry Day!

A poem will provide its audience with spiritual energy and guidance and will offer entertainment especially when the poem is read or is written while sitting at a table over a cup of coffee. Share your poetic thoughts with us or recite your favourite line of poetry on World Poetry Day and we will invite you for a cup of coffee. On 21st March 2017, for a full day, poetry (may it be a well-known line or lines of your own creation) will become legal tender at cafés and restaurants, so guests can literally "pay" for their coffee by citing a poem or a line of poetry.

Restaurants and cafés involved in Julius Meinl's initiative cordially invite all Hungarian coffee-lovers to share their thoughts and feelings through lines of poetry while sitting in a pleasant environment of a café or a restaurant. The following types of coffee can be "paid for" by reciting poetry: espresso, cappuccino and latte.

Please, note that Pesti Vigadó's Café will be open up until 5 p.m. on this day.