Repeated Public Acclaim

2016. October 20.

The events organised by the 25th CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival and hosted by Pesti Vigadó brought real success.

Repeated Public Acclaim

Following ensemble mini's concert entitled "Bartók Beyond Borders", Danubia Orchestra Óbuda gave two concerts in Pesti Vigadó's Ceremonial Hall on 16th October 2016 and performed "Bélamese (Béla Bartók's Tales)", a musical piece for the young featuring Hungarian composer Béla Bartók's music. In the scope of the last Festival event hosted by Pesti Vigadó, Zuzanna Elster and Anastasia Razvalyaeva's harp recital was staged on 19th October.

All events organised in the scope of the 25th CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival were highly successful and the nearly full-house performances also attest that Budapest should also host a festival in the autumn.

Source:  CAFe Budapest, Bálint Hrotkó