Vigadó II. Floor

The exquisite ceremonial hall and the boxes of honour adjacent to it, the northern and and southern rooms, the hall and the dressing rooms for artists, which can be found on the II. floor, provide an excellent venue for concerts, orchestral music, cultural events, conferences, standing and sitting receptions, gala dinners. For an accompanying venue we recommend the upstairs foyer and the panoramic corridor facing the Danube. The boxes of the ceremonial hall open from the fourth floor.

Total floor space:

Ornamented stairs: 249,60 m2

Foyer: 218,20 m2

Ceremonial hall: 504,04 m2

Box of honour: 24,19 m2

Northern room (hall): 280,11 m2

Southern room (small hall): 237,87 m2 +89,25 m2

Hall (break out room): 81,29 m2

Dressing rooms: 38,29 m2

Panoramic corridor: 143,73 m2