Vigadó IV. Floor

The room named after world-famous Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz on the fourth floor is an ideal venue for high-standard conferences. As an accompanying venue we recommend the hall, the foyer and the panoramic corridor facing the Danube. The rows of boxes surrounding the ceremonial hall open from this level. The chamber theatre that can be found on this level is planned to be opened this fall and is suitable for staged productions and film screenings as well.

Total floor space:

Foyer: 217,24 m2

Makovecz room (conference room): 200,18 m2

Presidental room: 83,90 m2

Sinkovits Imre Chamber theatre: 192,35 m2 (soon to be opened)

Rows of boxes: 163 m2

Hall (break out room): 80,52 m2

Dressing rooms: 42,06 m2

Panoramic corridor: 111,84 m2