Vigadó Lower Floor

The lower floor of Vigadó Gallery possesses an almost 270 m2 exhibitional space, which is directly linked to ground floor exhibitional space of the Gallery.

Total floor space:

Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition venue: 176,95 m2

Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition venue: 86,25 m2


General services:

Accessible building.

Installment and uninstallment, as well as cleaning and maintainance duty are provided during the time of the event.

Security protection according to the current rules of fire regulations during the time of unpacking and packing and of the event.

Full-scale, state-of-the-art service of sound, light and stage technology. Utilization of the equipment of Vigadó is an obligation in case of events realized in the building.

Wide-scale catering according to the types of events from mobile buffets to elegant gala dinners.

Hostess and cloakroom service.

Professional IT support according to needs during the time of the events.

Heavy current connection.