House Regulations

House Regulations

1. The name of the institution: Vigadó

2. Opening hours of the institution: on every day of the week between 10:00 and 19:00.

3. Use of the institution:

3.1. The programs of the Vigadó can be attended by everyone during the official opening hours – except for exclusive events –; visitors can utilize Vigadó's cultural services, furnishings, equipment and other instruments. Programs charged with entrance fees can be admitted on the condition of purchasing tickets. The institution holds exclusive the right to declare the house full, if the number of visitors reaches the set limit of capacity.

3.2. On the premises of Vigadó people can stay in proper and clean dresses according to the usual rules of communal and social life.

3.3. Visitors arriving late for previously announced events can take their seats only in the breaks.

3.4. Vigadó is accessible for visitors with wheelchairs. Visitors with wheelchairs can purchase tickets for seats specially reserved for them. The employees of Vigadó provide help with moving within the building and taking the seats.

3.5. As far as date, venue and programmes of the events are concerned Vigadó reserves the right to modification and cancellation. Vigadó does not refund or exchange purchased tickets for other tickets no matter whether the purchase took place personally or on the internet. Refund is only justified in case of cancellation of an event. Lost, damaged or destroyed tickets can be replaced only on condition the buyer can provide appropriate proof of purchase.

3.6. On the whole premises of Vigadó visual and sonic recordings could be made, on which visitors can appear, but they cannot raise any demands against the Vigadó, the organizers, the makers of the recordings and the authorized users of them.

3.7 Only persons holding a valid visitor's ticket are allowed to take photos of public spaces in Vigadó's building (lobby, ornamental stairs, corridors, Panoramic Terrace) and only for their own purposes and exclusive use. Even in that case, only amateur photos are allowed. In all other cases a permit should be requested in prior and in writing from the management of Pest Vigadó at the email address

3.8. At concerts, performances and other events visual and sonic recordings of any kind are forbidden. (Also including visual or sonic recordings taken by cell phones.) The violation of this regulation can have legal consequences of breaching copyright and neighbouring rights. If a visitor does not stop the sonic and/or visual and sonic recording during a concert, a performance or other event even after requested to do so by a hostess colleague, the audience service officer on duty, or a member of the security staff can request him or her to leave the venue hall and the building of the Vigadó.

3.9. On the whole premises of the building smoking and the use of psychotropic substances are strictly FORBIDDEN.  The designated area for smoking is located along the Deák Ferenc Street side of the building.

3.10. Animals, weapons and anything similar or objects and substances dangerous for life, physical condition and health are forbidden to be brought into the building, except for guide dogs.

3.11. Food and drinks are forbidden to be brought into the event rooms or any objects that can disturb the audience or can block the escape routes. In justified cases related to certain health conditions, a drink not exceeding 0.5 litre in volume can be taken to the event rooms in handbags with prior notification.

3.12. Risky or inflammable objects and other objects potentially damaging works of arts or equipment or visitors' or the staff's physical integrity and safety are strictly forbidden to be stored or to be brought into the building.

3.13. In extreme cases (i.e. natural disasters, fires, protests and other mass activity, bomb alarms etc.) visitors are obliged to follow accurately the instructions given by the employees of Vigadó and keep to the rules laid down in the evacuation plan of the building.

3.14. A medical room functions in the building of Vigadó. Visitors need immediate first aid are escorted by hostesses to the medical room, where medical staff help until further medical assistance arrives.

3.15. The protection of the institution's property is an obligation for every visitor. The instruments in the building should be utilized according to their proper use, damaging the equipment is forbidden. Caused damage should be compensated for.

3.16. The institution uses a system of surveillance cameras for the security of person, and property protection.

3.17. Visitors to Vigadó carry their belongings, possessions and valuables to the premises of Vigadó's building at their own discretion and on their own responsibility. Vigadó assumes no responsibility for the storage of any object brought to Vigadó's premises and Vigadó likewise declines any responsibility for any damage to such objects. Objects found in Vigadó can be deposited with Vigadó's Security Staff, and lost property can also be reclaimed from the same Staff. In line with Section 5.59 (4) of the Civil Code of Hungary, Vigadó shall retain objects found for a maximum period of three months. For information concerning lost property, please contact our staff at the following e-mail address:

3.18. In the building of Vigadó sales of food and drinks is permitted only for renters of catering units. Free of charge catering is only possible on community events notified in advance and permitted by the Secretariat of the Management.

3.19. Persons under the influence cannot enter the institution. Persons becoming drunk during an event are obliged to leave the building if requested to do so by the event organizer.

3.20. Coats are FORBIDDEN to be brought into the event rooms. Cloakrooms are obligatory. Visitors are obliged to deposit any boxes or bags, backpacks and satchels of any size, umbrellas, shoulder bags and handbags exceeding a size of 30X40X20 cm in the cloakrooms.

3.21. In case of student groups visiting the building of Vigadó adult supervision is necessary. The group leader, accompanying educators or parents will be held fully responsible for making sure that all members of their group observe the House Regulations.

Babies under the age of two years can be taken to the event rooms exclusively in prams or in baby front carriers. Prams will only be pushed, and they cannot be carried in the building even if they are folded. Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to carry children of any age on one's shoulders, back or in arms.

3.22. Hostesses staff members can request that member of the audience who disturbs the programs or the enjoyment of the programs by talking or noisy behaviour to leave. During visiting Vigadó the use of cell phones or other instruments disturbing the programs is not permitted. If the visitor does not stop using such instrument during an event after requested to do so, the hostess colleagues, the event organizer or staff members of security can request the visitor concerned to leave the event room. If the event organizer requests so, the employees of the security service, after appropriate warning, will lead the person(s) disturbing the event from the premises, and – if necessary – will initiate police action.

3.23. Measures taken by the employees of the Vigadó are obligatory for the visitors.

3.24. Vigadó reserves the right to withdraw the possibility of using (visiting) and attending the institution from persons and groups violating the house regulations.

3.25. After warning, the visitor violating the house regulations can be barred from the building for a definite period of time or permanently and official action can be brought against him or her. Damage caused by violating the house regulations should be compensated for by the violator or by the person responsible for the violator. If violation of the house regulations means breaching  the law, the violator or the person responsible for the violator shall bear legal responsibility and potential legal sanctions shall also be borne by him or her.

In case visitors are not willing to accept the House Regulations, they can return their tickets and request a refund at the ticket office before commencing their visit.

 Barbara Szunyi


Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Ltd.