House Regulations

House Rules of Pesti Vigadó

A priority task of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft., which is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the listed building that houses Pesti Vigadó, is to protect the condition of the property; its objective is to maintain and preserve the cultural diversity and high artistic standards provided to the public by Pesti Vigadó.

To that end, these House Rules set out the rights and obligations of those visiting Pesti Vigadó. Observing these rules and ensuring they are observed by others is the right and obligation of any person visiting the listed building.

1. Name of property: Pesti Vigadó, opening hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

2. The property is maintained and operated by Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. (company registration number: 01 09 191474; registered address: 1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 2.) on behalf of the owner of the building, the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

3. The use of Pesti Vigadó:

3.1. The programmes held at Pesti Vigadó – with the exception of private events – are open to the public, and its cultural services, equipment, installations and other devices are available to all visitors during official opening hours. A precondition for visiting paid programmes is that a ticket be purchased in advance. Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. reserves the right to declare full house if the number of visitors to a particular event has reached the official capacity of the property.

3.2. Any person on the premises of Pesti Vigadó must wear clean and civilised clothing generally regarded as appropriate by the community and by society.

3.3. Visitors arriving late for advertised events may only take their seats during the intermission.

3.4. Pesti Vigadó is fully accessible to disabled guests. Wheelchair visitors may purchase tickets for the special seats reserved for them; the staff of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. will provide them with assistance in moving around the building and in taking their seats.

3.5. Information on the processing of data associated with the use of the surveillance camera system operated by Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. may be found on the Company's website, under the Privacy tab.

3.6. Taking amateur photos is permitted only for persons holding a valid visitor's ticket, in the areas open to the public (foyer, main staircase, corridors, panorama terrace), and only for private use. In all other cases, prior written permission must be requested from Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft for the taking of photos, by email to

3.7. Making image or sound recordings with any device at concerts, performances or other events is prohibited. (This includes image or sound recordings taken with a mobile phone). Any breach of this provision may give rise to legal consequences associated with the breach of copyright, neighbouring rights or data protection (privacy) rights. Should a visitor refuse to discontinue such unlawful activity despite being called upon to do so by the hostesss, then the hostess staff, or the person responsible for controlling the flow of visitors, or the security staff, may request that the visitor leave the particular event room and the building of the Pesti Vigadó.

3.8. Smoking or the use of any mind-altering substances is prohibited in all parts of the building. The smoking area is the designated zone on the Deák Ferenc utca side of the building.

3.9. It is prohibited to bring any animals (with the exception of guide dogs), weapons, stabbing or cutting tools, firearms or items resembling such, or any other object or substance that is dangerous to human life or health into the Pesti Vigadó building.

3.10. It is prohibited to bring any food or drink, or any objects of a size that may disturb persons on the adjacent seats, or that obstruct the escape routes, into the event rooms. Where justified for health reasons, liquid in a bottle of max. 0.5 litres may be taken in if kept in a handbag, provided that the relevant staff of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. are told about it in advance.

3.11. It is strictly prohibited to take into or store in the building any hazardous or flammable objects or other objects that may endanger the health and safety of visitors and staff or the works of art and equipment in the building.

3.12. In the event of an emergency (e.g. natural disaster, fire, demonstration or other mass unrest, bomb scares, etc.), visitors are required to closely follow the instructions of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft.'s staff and to act in accordance with the instructions set out in the building's evacuation plan.

3.13. There is a medical room available in the Pesti Vigadó building. Visitors requiring first aid shall be escorted by the hostesss to the medical room, where assistance will be provided by the Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. staff until trained medical staff arrive.

3.14. Protecting the Pesti Vigadó listed building is the responsibility of all visitors; as a part of this obligation, everyone must use the assets in the building in accordance with their intended purpose; it is prohibited to damage the installations or equipment! Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. is obliged to take all necessary measures to recover the costs of any damages caused.

3.15. The visitors and any users of the property may only take their personal effects and valuables into the Pesti Vigadó building at their own risk. Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. assumes no responsibility for guarding the objects taken into the Pesti Vigadó building or for any damage caused to such objects. Visitors may hand in any found items to the security service of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft., and they may enquire about their lost items there as well.  Found items will be retained by Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. for up to 3 months in accordance with Section 5:59(4) of the Civil Code. Information related to lost items may be requested at

3.16. No persons under the influence of alcohol may visit Pesti Vigadó. Any persons who fall under the influence of alcohol during an event shall be obliged to leave the building at the request of the organiser.

3.17. It is forbidden to take coats into the event rooms. Coats must be deposited in the cloakroom. Any luggage, backpacks and satchels of any size, umbrellas and shoulder bags or handbags larger than 30X40X20 cm must also be handed in at the cloakroom.

3.18. Groups of schoolchildren visiting the Pesti Vigadó must be accompanied by an adult. The group leader, or the accompanying teacher or parent (or external guide with specific one-off authorisation), shall bear full responsibility for ensuring that all members of their group observe the provisions of these House Rules.

Children under two years of age may only be taken into the visitor areas in a pushchair or a front-facing baby carrier. The pushchair may only be pushed; it may not be carried, even if folded. For safety reasons, no children of any age may be carried on a person's shoulders or back or held in someone's lap.

3.19. The hostess staff, the event organiser or the security staff may ask a visitor who is disturbing the programmes or others' enjoyment of them by talking or through noisy behaviour to leave. The use of mobile phones or other devices that disturb the programmes is not permitted during the visit to Pesti Vigadó. Should the visitor not desist from the use of such device during the event despite being asked to do so, the hostess staff, the event organiser or the employees of the security service may ask the person concerned to leave the event room. The employees of the security service are entitled – under the relevant provision of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on the rules governing personal and property security services and private detective services – to demand that the person preventing the event from being held, or disturbing the event, or endangering the security thereof, or who is otherwise residing on the premises unlawfully, to prove his or her identity, to forbid him or her from participating in the event, and to ask him or her to leave, and if that person does not fulfil such request, and if it is felt that doing so is necessary for ensuring the safety of life and property, to escort the person from the event. If necessary, the staff of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. may also request police intervention.

3.20. The requests and instructions of the staff of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft. must be obeyed by the guests and visitors.

3.21. Any visitors who breach the provisions of these House Rules may be given a warning by the staff of Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft., and where appropriate, official, judicial or other procedures may be initiated against them.

Any persons visiting Pesti Vigadó who do not accept the provisions of these House Rules may return their ticket at the ticket office for a refund prior to the start of the visit.

Budapest, 4 April 2019

Dr. Barbara Molnár, née Szunyi, signed

general manager

Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Kft.