Mária Geszler Garzuly: Lonely Bench
Mária Geszler Garzuly: Lonely Bench
Mária Geszler Garzuly: Lonely Bench

Work of Art in Focus – June 2022

For the artwork of the month of June, we have chosen Geszler Mária Garzuly's Lonely Bench. The work is on display in our Meteorites and Other Creations exhibition until 24 July.


Sándor Weöres: Never again another garden

Never again another garden like
the seventh one, where the clock among lilies stands
and has no hands;
where numbers for time, like shadows, have no place;
that is hemmed round by foliage like starlight.
How long will he stay who's beckoned by an angel?
Perhaps he'll often retrace
his steps to the sunny haven with a stone bell
inditing its diary, and the marble columns whereon
round and round reels gentle oblivion.

Eye to eye even, it's their backs the people
stand there showing, they're whispering distantly
in the garden. There won't be
tomorrows at all if they're not bold enough
for the flames of dawn, for noon,
for the beams of nightfall,
there'll again be yesterdays if
our handkerchief by a lucky chance was left there,
which more than willingly would be torn to pieces,
impaled and rent on the spears of the brass fences.

A soothing garden-even so, sheer sorrow.
Although from happiness anyone here would
weep if tears could
flow from the dew-drenched statues that we are…
Let me go on always longing for you,
who burned me, figure slim as flame; from here,
home of silence, lead me far
away so that I can worship you forever,
clutching onto your green sparks, royal princess,
like an infant onto the thread of his mother's dress.

/Translated by Bruce Berlind and Mária Kőrösy/


Mária Geszler Garzuly: Lonely Bench, porcelain, silkscreen, created: 2022.


"Past is History,

Future is a Mystery,

but Present is a Gift.

The sense of timeless."

/Mária Geszler Garzuly/