Exhibition 2019.10.02. - 2019.11.10.
A Catch in Autumn

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800 HUF

Exhibition by fine artist András M. Novák


“We still have no answers to our eternal questions concerning our world, life, past and present. Those – including scientists, artists, philosophers and ordinary thinking and reflective people – seeking answers to these questions are fewer and fewer day by day. In place of answers to the above questions, the present century offers a profit-driven, secondary and hedonistic consumers’ world instead. Motivated by an admiration, knowledge, recognition and love of values cherished by previous periods and ages, contemporary artists, who are so free that they can easily become superfluous, are among the so few inquisitive and curious people. These artists seek responses to the above question and concurrently re-create those values that are deemed to sink into oblivion. They do so through their answers exhibited in images: through offering ideal forms capable of expressing beliefs, ideas, superior quality and responsibility. After visiting the exhibition in Pesti Vigadó, all visitors can decide how successfully this show presents a catch of the current situation with respect to my art, the present epoch and my own age.”

András M. Novák

Fine artist and Full Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts 

The exhibition is on view between Octobr 2 and November 10, 2019.


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Event location

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