Exhibition 2024.05.10. - 2024.07.07.
Autumn Songs – Exhibition by Gábor Véssey

Ticket prices

1.000 HUF


Gábor Véssey’s series of paintings from the past five years are put on show at this exhibition. The showcasing commemorates the painter’s 75th birthday. The series displayed are as follows: Autumn Songs, Sounds of the Moon, Touch, Hearts and Years, Drinkers, and Witnesses of Light. With their strong radiating lyricism, these paintings express the artist’s often humorous, ironic and dramatic world of painting through the combination of the figurative and the abstract, the drawn and the painted images, as well as the artistic effects and the brush technique.

Organiser and further information: Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Fine Arts

Event location

Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition hall on the 5th Floor The V. floor exhibition hall of the Vigadó Gallery was created with the addition of the attic in 2014. Read more about this location