Concert 2022.09.10. 19:00
ForEverYoung Choir Festival

Ticket prices

3900 HUF

Grand Festival Concert 

The ForEverYoung Choir Festival ( will take place this year in Budapest, the chosen country of the organizer, Wolfgang Ziegler. The Festival aims to provide space for the older generation of singers from different parts of the world to play music together.


The program:

Jazz Improvization on KODÁLY´s "Magyar Rondo"

Zoltán KODÁLY: Magyar Rondo

Martín PALMERI: Misa Tango

Jazz Improvization on BARTÓK´s „Ne hagyj itt”



Sárik Peter Trio

Vox Humana Vác Chamber Choir

FEY-Festival Choir

Vác Civitas Symphonic Orchestra 

Gabriella BUSA - alto

Eszter VÖRÖS - bandoneon

Martín PALMERI - piano




Gabriella Busa, photo: ForEverYoung Choir Festival


Eszter Vörös, photo: Attila Kleb


Martín Palmeri, photo: ForEverYoung Choir Festival


Peter Sárik Trio, photo: ForEverYoung Choir Festival


Organizer: Jupap Kft.

Event location

Ceremonial Hall The stunningly beautiful Ceremonial Hall situated on Pesti Vigadó’s second floor is an excellent venue for concerts, cultural events, conferences, standing and seated receptions, gala dinners and other similar events. Read more about this location