Concert 2020.04.02. 19:30
Hungarian Gems IV. Hungarian Gypsy Music

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HUF 2.300; HUF 3.400

Concerto Budapest & Lajos Sárközi - This season ticket series showcases the virtually inexhaustible wealth of Hungarian music that has matured into classics, as well as its contemporary, well-known values and those awaiting discovery (or even rediscovery), the four concerts of which are arranged once again in the fitting venue of Pest Vigadó. 

Journey into the World of Hungaricums – this is the title of the concert in which the focus is on Gypsy music. Lajos Sárközy takes the lead role, he is spiritus rector and first violinist of the recital. He has been a permanent feature in concert life since his teens as a seventh-generation descendant of his musician family: he is equally comfortable on the jazz, classical and Gypsy music scene both in Hungary and abroad. The young Junior Prima Prize-winning artist has triumphed at first violinist and jazz violinist competitions. This time, in the company of Gypsy Band he offers the audience a programme that showcases the lasting values of the musical tradition in Hungary in exactly the same way as classical and contemporary compositions at the three previous Hungarian Gems events.


Hubay: Carmen Fantasy

Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances

P. Sarasate: Gypsy Airs

Liszt: Hungarian Fantasy

Elemér Szentirmay : In memoriam Bihari

Hubay: Preghiera

J. Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 8.

Béla Rácz: Lament and Quick

Ravel: Tzigane


Lajos Sárközy Junior Príma Award winner violinist ​

and the Gypsy Band Orchestra: Lajos Sárközy  violin solo, Rudolf Sárközy violin, Gyula Bóni viola, sr. Lajos Sárközy  double bass, Gyula Csík cimbalom

and artists of  Concerto Budapest: Antal Tabányi violin, Enikő Lakatos violin, Gábor Homoky viola, Tamás Migróczi cello

Season Ticket: HUF 7.000; HUF 9.900

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Event location

Ceremonial Hall The stunningly beautiful Ceremonial Hall situated on Pesti Vigadó’s second floor is an excellent venue for concerts, cultural events, conferences, standing and seated receptions, gala dinners and other similar events. Read more about this location