Exhibition 2022.05.27. - 2022.08.28.

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800 HUF

Exhibition by the Hungarian Academy of Arts’ non-academic fine artist members

The calling word of this exhibition by the Hungarian Academy of Arts’ non-academic fine artist members is “Message”. This motto, with its purposefully broad sense, presents an opportunity to connect artworks with an unlimitedly immense range of meanings and to offer diverse interpretations of this artistic theme. If we disregard primary and factual interpretations relating to the content of the conveyed information, we can easily understand that, in a figurative sense, all artworks communicate some message, which is but an intellectual summary communicated by the creator of the artwork in line with the creator’s intention expressed through artistic means. By way of the power of artistic representation, art strives to make visible and represent the so-far invisible.

The theme of the exhibition seamlessly connects to the interpretative and essential questions addressed by creative artistic work. Artworks created in this theoretical framework may be about the process of deciphering the core message of the artwork and, alternatively, may also strive to represent this message. At the same time, the theme of the exhibition also offers freedom to the creators as each work exhibited at this showcasing is fundamentally a message. This open but, at the same time, unambiguous concept presents the opportunity to showcase diverse and multifaceted artworks thereby presenting the myriad of widening opportunities available to the Hungarian Academy of Arts’ non-academic fine artist members.

Curator: art historian Dr. Róbert Nátyi and General Assembly representative Győző Sárkány

Organiser: Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Fine Arts

Event location

Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition hall on the 5th Floor lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Read more about this location