Exhibition 2022.11.24. - 2022.12.18.
Richness of Life

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1.000 HUF

Exhibition by Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Folk Arts

“The idea of the ‘richness of life’ was created by Hungarian ethnographer Bertalan Andrásfalvy and the notion aptly represents creative powers rooted in folk traditions. The exhibition – also taking into account the specificities of the exhibition space – is arranged around the following three themes: God – Homeland – Family, which constitute one single unity. In light of this, three separate but strongly linked and closely connected spaces stage artworks rooted in Hungarian traditions.

1. Oh God, oh God, oh my God

The first exhibition space features artworks related to the belief in God, Christianity and ancient Hungarian traditions. Artworks include sacral and church objects, communion and altar cloths, other church fabrics, crosses, pots for church services, painted ceiling coffers, furniture and house objects related to faith, sacred house corners as well as objects and clothes related to annual festivities and customs.

2. Homeland, homeland, my quiet homeland

This exhibition space presents artworks of national symbols related to the Hungarian nation, Hungarian history and national festivals as well as works of art expressing the love of the Hungarian homeland, including objects commemorating Hungarian freedom fights, furniture, pots, tie-dye pattern printers, herdsmen’s objects and clothes.

3. My rose, my rose, my sweet little rose

The third and largest exhibition space houses objects related to the smallest community of the family and to the individual. Objects related to human life’s turning points are found here including those in connection with birth, childhood, love, the selection of spouses, family life as well as customs and traditions related to death.

One hundred object creating artists have accepted our invitation to stage artworks inspired by Hungarian folk art and tradition. These artists include 12 academicians of the Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Folk Arts, 24 non-academic members, 10 scholarship-winners as well as outstanding artists recommended by the academicians including folk applied artists, as well as masters of folk art and young masters of folk art.

Artworks from all fields of object creating folk arts are found among the exhibited works of art including objects prepared by 3 puppet-makers, 5 leather designers, 6 furniture painters, 2 lace-makers, 2 maize husk weavers, 1 jewellery-maker, 12 wood-carvers, 19 potters, 4 pearl weavers, 2 musical instrument makers, 1 bell-founder, 5 embroiderers, 4 ceramic artists, 2 basket weavers, 2 blacksmiths, 1 horsehair jewellery maker, 22 felt makers, 12 weavers, 5 egg decorators and 4 clothes-makers.

The exhibition is organised by Hagyományos Mesterségek Oktatásáért Alapítvány (Foundation for the Education of Traditional Crafts). During the opening period of the exhibition, professional programmes related to the theme of the exhibition are organised, and during the time of Advent visitors will be able to participate in lectures embracing the Christmas spirit.

At the end of January 2023, the artworks offered by the exhibiting artists will be sold at a charity auction, and the proceeds will be donated to support handcraft education among Ruthenian young persons.”

(written by curator of the exhibition Mihály Vetró)


Organizer: Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Folk Arts

Event location

Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition hall on the 5th Floor The V. floor exhibition hall of the Vigadó Gallery was created with the addition of the attic in 2014. Read more about this location