Exhibition 2023.04.21. - 2023.06.25.
Stagespace – 15 years

Ticket prices

1.000 HUF

Exhibition by the Hungarian Society of Production Designers, Stage Designers and Costume Designers 

The first exhibition entitled Spectacular Space was organised in 2010 and featured a selection of the previous two years’ works. The staging of the exhibition was propelled by the realisation that even if no production could be staged and no “miracle” would happen on stage without the work of these professionals, the names, identity and artistic work of these specialists typically remains mostly unknown. From 2010 onwards, annually staged exhibitions have greatly contributed to the visibility and recognition of the above professions. The organisers of this exhibition, which is realised in the scope of the event entitled Theatrical Olympiad (Színházi Olimpia), have called upon all professionals through their open invitation: they requested applicants to select their most beloved productions of the past 15 years for the showcasing. The exhibition features not only posters but also original designs, stage props, maquettes, pieces of furniture, puppets and costumes thereby guaranteeing a representative overview of the Hungarian artistic scene. For the audience, the exhibition presents a unique opportunity and a real engaging experience to get to know these artworks in their physical reality outside the stage: visitors can see the objects on show from a close-up, they can view the exhibited artworks in daylight rather than under spotlights, and can explore the ways these objects generate rather than present mere illusions. Certainly, the theatre is a complex branch of art, which involves the joint and co-ordinated work of numerous artists in the scope of staging performances. This exhibition offers an insight into the creative artistic process involved.

Exhibitors include:

Ildikó Balla, Krisztina Berzsenyi, Gábor Birta, Eszter Bognár, Mara Bozóki, Nóra Bujdosó, Rita Dévényi, László Kentaur Erkel, Anni Füzér, Anett Herman and Patrícia Pajor, Károly Hoffer, Balázs Horesnyi, Jenny Horváth, Kata Horváth, Krisztina Ignjatović, Bianca Imelda Jeremias, Csörsz Khell, Zsolt Khell, Borbála Kiss, Gábor Michac, Zsuzsa Molnár, Anikó Németh, Klaudia Orosz, Gábor Palya, Janó Papp, Tamás Rákay, Erzsébet Rátkai, István Rózsa, László Székely, Éva Szendrényi, István Szlávik, Hajnal Tordai, Kázmér Tóth, Zsófi Varjas, Anna Varsányi, Rita Vereckei, Vivien Virág, Edit Zeke

Curator of the exhibition: Ildikó Balla

Venue of the exhibition: Vigadó Galéria V. és VI. emeleti kiállítótermek

Organizer: Hungarian Society of Production Designers, Stage Designers and Costume Designers 

Pesti Vigadó is hereby informing you that its exhibitions are open from 10.00 to 17.00 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The exhibitions are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Event location

Vigadó Gallery - Exhibition hall on the 5th Floor lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Read more about this location