Concert 2021.08.26. 19:30
The Saint of East and West

King Saint Stephen and his Legacy

Hungary’s King Saint Stephen is revered as a saint by both the Eastern and the Western Churches. For Hungarians and for other peoples living in the Carpathian Basin’s Hungarian Kingdom, King Saint Stephen was a great and powerful king, who served and promoted the teachings of the Christian faith and worked to advance the Hungarian Kingdom throughout his life. In commemoration of King Saint Stephen’s legacy, this concert features liturgical musical movements and religious songs that either tell about King Saint Stephen’s personality and deeds, or were composed in later periods in the history of the King Saint Stephen founded Greater Hungary. In reverence of Hungary’s great and saint King, this event features diverse musical movements treasured in the Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Organiser: Görögkatolikus Metropólia

Event location

Northern Hall The Northern Hall situated on Pesti Vigadó’s second floor is a splendid venue for smaller-scale concerts, cultural events, conferences, book launches, press conferences, standing and seated receptions, gala dinners and other similar events. Read more about this location