Concert 2024.06.02. 19:30
Trombone Evening

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Music pieces for trombone by Hungarian composers

The professional quality of Hungarian brass wind instrument musicians developed enormously in the 1970s and 1980s: thanks to the diligent work of charismatic music teachers, Hungarian secondary and tertiary-level education was renewed in this field. In those years, world-class brass wind instrument chamber ensembles were formed, and the first internationally outstanding Hungarian soloists for each brass wind instrument appeared. It is also thanks to this that during this period many renowned Hungarian composers turned to brass wind instruments. The intensity of this interest is underscored by the fact that, out of the approximately 300 chamber music works for brass wind instruments created by around 100 Hungarian composers, more than 120 were written in this two-decade-long period, and many later solo pieces can also be linked to this era. Since then, new artistic collaborations between Hungarian brass wind instrument musicians and composers have continued to produce new music pieces. For the purpose of this “Trombone Evening” performance staged in Pesti Vigadó, creator and editor of the event, Franz Liszt Award winning trombonist, Professor Emeritus of Liszt Academy and Full Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Gusztáv Hőna has compiled an exciting and highly enjoyable selection of pieces choosing from among works that were composed in this past and rapidly developing period and since then. Gusztáv Hőna is also renowned for his part in promoting the development of trombone play in Hungary in his capacity as soloist, chamber musician, orchestral trombonist and music teacher.

Today, there are many Hungarian trombonists who are recognised worldwide: they are either sought-after soloists, orchestral or chamber musicians, or professors giving master classes in all regions of the world ranging from North and South America through Germany to the Far East. This Trombone Evening will feature these Hungarian musicians.


Frigyes HIDAS: Signal

Miklós K: Fanfare for Spring

András SZŐLLŐSY: Quartett per Ottoni (Setren)

György RÁNKI: The Tales of Father Goose

László DUBROVAY: Exorcist


Gyula FEKETE: Trombone Concerto

Frigyes HIDAS: Double Concerto for Tenor and Base Trombones

Miklós MALEK: Trombone Concerto


Performed by


György GYIVICSÁN, Liszt Academy’s trombone teacher and international soloist

András FEJÉR, solo trombonist of Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

István JUHÁSZ, solo trombonist of Karlsruhe Symphony Orchestra

András SÜTŐ and Gábor HEGYI, members of Franz Liszt Award winning Corpus Trombone  Quartet


Budafoki Dohnányi Ernő Symphony Orchestra

Franz Liszt Award winning Corpus Trombone Quartet

Junior Príma Award winning In Medias Brass

Szeged Trombone Ensemble

Conductors: Miklós MALEK, Sándor BALOGH

Compère: József BAZSINKA, Jr.


Organiser and further information: Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Music

Event location

Ceremonial Hall The stunningly beautiful Ceremonial Hall situated on Pesti Vigadó’s second floor is an excellent venue for concerts, cultural events, conferences, standing and seated receptions, gala dinners and other similar events. Read more about this location