Exhibition 2017.08.03.
Travelling in Noah's ark

Ticket prices

800 HUF

István Vidák turns 70 – Lifework exhibition

“There are people whose names have become connected with one of their artworks or creations.  Concerning István Vidák, such an association would also be tempting and, in fact, easy to make: he is not only the re-discoverer of felt art, the expert to have started education about felt art but also the pioneer of the contemporary application of this art as well as the inventor and first organiser of the world meeting of feltmakers; and, because of this, he is also a world-famous collector of felt folklore besides being a textile artist himself. Nevertheless, we need to see beyond the spotlight of this success as it is difficult to talk about István Vidák alone since he created his lifework jointly with his wife Mari Nagy. They boast of a great number of joint creations, and their objectives and artworks also inseparably link them.” 

László Koppány Csáji 

(excerpt from the appraisal of the artist on the event of his inaugural speech at the Hungarian Academy of Arts)

This exhibition entitled “TRAVELLING IN NOAH'S ARK” expresses the nature of our work: we hand down traditions to the next generations as well as renew and revive such traditions. Our lifework is based on three pillars: RESEARCH, CREATION and HANDING DOWN ALL WHAT WE KNOW TO THE NEXT GENERATIONS.

Befittingly, this exhibition is also organised on the basis of these three notions.

The exhibition has been designed and organised by:

Master of Folk Art István Vidák

Master of Folk Art Mari Nagy 

Ticket price: 800 HUF

Organizer: Section of Folk Art and Ethnography of the Hungarian Academy of Arts


Event location

Vigadó Gallery The exhibition space situated on Pesti Vigadó’s ground floor was once the home of Vigadó Gallery. Read more about this location