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Timeline of Pesti Vigadó

The permanent exhibition portraying the history of Pesti Vigadó and the building that once stood in its place called Redoute has been open since 27th May 2017. Come and explore Pesti Vigadó’s past! The following tickets are valid for this exhibition: walk-around ticket and combined ticket.

Exhibition by László Szűcs

Organic world

09.16. - 12.08.

Applied Artist György Fekete’s Mosaic and Collage Exhibition

Guided Tour in English 10.20.2017.
Vigadó is looking forward to your visit! Explore the breathtaking inner spaces and the history of this beautiful building, which is classified as one of Budapest’s historic monuments. The unparalleled panoramic view from the building is likewise a must-to-see for tourists.
Concert in Commemoration of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867

“The nation’s outstanding ‘poet of music’ Ödön Mihalovich is currently working on a larger-scale orchestra piece entitled ‘Memorial of Mourning’, which evokes and praises the memory of [Hungarian statesman] Ferenc Deák


Exhibitions entitled Miniature Pictures have always been present throughout the history of the Day of Hungarian Painting. 

10.21. - 11.19.
Katica Illényi: Tango Classic concert

The theme of the performance is going to be contemporary and classical music tango. 

Balázs Demény’s Piano Recital

Introducing the winners of 2017’s international piano competitions • 2.2

Zoltán Fejérvári's piano concert

Introducing the winners of 2017’s international piano competitions • 2.2

Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Live Broadcast of the performances by the Royal Opera House (London)