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Timeline of Pesti Vigadó

The permanent exhibition portraying the history of Pesti Vigadó and the building that once stood in its place called Redoute has been open since 27th May 2017. Come and explore Pesti Vigadó’s past! The following tickets are valid for this exhibition: walk-around ticket and combined ticket.

Marcell Jankovics, Victims of the Treaty of Trianon

This exhibition by Marcell Jankovics depicts that ancient sacral kingdom which is tolerant and welcoming by nature and is home to all peoples living in this region.

06.04. - 07.26.
Anthems and Hymns

Prayers by the Hungarian People - Folk art and applied art exhibition in commemoration of the Day of Hungarian Culture.

06.23. - 08.02.
Periods of closure in Pesti Vigadó

The exhibition covers the closure periods of the entire history of the building.

07.13. - 09.06.
Hungarian Illustrators at the 27th Biennal of Illustrators Bratislava

This exhibition introduces the 13 Hungarian illustrators’ works participating at the 27th Biennal of Illustrators Bratislava (BIB) held in 2019.

08.17. - 09.06.
Everything at the Same Time

Anton Molnár’s exhibition

08.28. - 09.13.

Memorial exhibition of István Püspöky, graphic artist and painter (1950–2018)

09.15. - 10.18.
“Cannot be Forgotten”

Memorial exhibition in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon.

09.18. - 01.31.
András Végh 80

A laconic title for an exhibition that refers to a rich and varied lifework...

09.23. - 11.18.
The Art of Calligraphy and Silk Painting

Workshop with Hungarian designers