Exhibition 2023.02.24. - 2023.04.02.
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The past, present and future of pottery in Hungary’s Őrség Region

The small village of Magyarszombatfa is located in Hungary’s Vas County, more specifically on the southern edge of the historic small region of Őrség situated along the border between Hungary and Slovenia. The settlement has been home to the craft of pottery since the 14th century. In addition to farming and household farming, men typically made pottery products during the winter. Before farming works began in spring, they transported their products through Hungary’s Zala County to Somogy County, and traded these pottery products mostly for cereals. The value of the pottery products was determined by their usability and refined form rather than by the richness of their decoration. Pottery products origination from the Őrség Region were much liked as they were fully functional. The traditions and heritage of the above-described pottery-making craft have survived up until today in Hungary’s Magyarszombatfa.

Organizer: Potters’ Association of Hungary’s Őrség Region

The featured photo was taken by Attila Simon.

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