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The Art of Calligraphy and Silk Painting

Workshop with Hungarian designers

In the first part of this 5-hour-long workshop composed of two interrelated sessions, calligraphic artist Ági Tóth helps you to explore the secrets of calligraphy using modern ballpoint dip pens to enable you to produce the most beautiful letters.

In the second part of the workshop, with the help and guidance of textile designer Niki Szakács genuine silk ribbons are dyed using plants: these natural shades magically highlight the beauty of hand-written letters, but such plan-coloured ribbons will make perfect decorations for gift boxes, bunches of flowers, and festive dining tables.

Following the workshop, all participants will be able to take home a complete set of hand-made objects including 3 metres of genuine silk plant-dyed ribbons and an accompanying booklet discussing plant-dyeing, which also includes recipes for dyeing and the description of plants used for dyeing. In addition, the set also contains 4 pieces of gift cards featuring silk ribbons, a pen nib with a penholder and ink, a real hardwood pen rest and calligraphic practice sheets.

All in all, what does the workshop offer?

  • theoretical and practical knowledge about calligraphy and plant-dyeing
  • activities of dyeing silk ribbons using plants
  • a complete set of calligraphic practice kit

Attendance fee for participating at the workshop: HUF 24,000.

Attendance requires prior registration. Please, register by contacting Ms. Niki Szakács at Your participation becomes final upon transfer of an advance of HUF 14,000 to the attendance fee. Deadline for paying the advance: 4th October 2020.

Maximum of number of participants: 10 persons.

Event location

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