Exhibition 2022.05.18. - 2022.07.24.
Meteorites and Other Creations

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800 HUF

Celebratory exhibition by Mária Garzuly Geszler

According to Kossuth Award winning ceramic artist Mária Geszler, culture is a continuous process that feeds back to itself. There is no evolution in art: it is only eras that keep changing. History keeps rolling on but human feelings, fates and thoughts are eternal.  In this sense, the artist considers herself a step in the stairway of arts. When creating art she relies on results of the past, and – for this reason – she has gladly invited eight younger colleagues to her exhibition to celebrate with her. These invited colleagues include the following ceramic artists: György Fusz, Márton Strohner, Ádám Csaba Szabó, György Kungl, Enikő Kontor, Sándor Dobány, Zsófia Karsai and Péter Kemény.

The title of the exhibition is “Meteorites and Other Creations”, which refers, on the one hand, to these celestial creatures and stone-like objects and, on the other hand, to the existence of talented people and artists.

Curator of the exhibition: designer Márton Strohner

Organiser: Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Section of Applied Arts and Design

Event location

Vigadó Gallery The exhibition space situated on Pesti Vigadó’s ground floor was once the home of Vigadó Gallery. Read more about this location