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Timeline of Pesti Vigadó

The permanent exhibition portraying the history of Pesti Vigadó and the building that once stood in its place called Redoute has been open since 27th May 2017. Come and explore Pesti Vigadó’s past! The following tickets are valid for this exhibition: walk-around ticket and combined ticket.

Sándor Plugor (1940-1999) Memorial Exhibition

The most definitive experiences in Sándor Plugor’s life relate to his birth village: it was here that he obtained the most decisive perspectives guiding him in his life. In fact, all his fine arts related goals seem to point in the direction of trying to portray and narrate his childhood world shattered by World War II.

Fiber Art & Fine Art

A basic fibre in art

04.02. - 05.17.
Yuya Mizuno’s Cello Recital

Budapest Spring Festival 2020 - The most successful competitor of the Franz Liszt Seminar, Sapporo

Barnabás Kelemen (Violin) and Péter Nagy (Piano) in concert

Budapest Spring Festival 2020

Accord Quartet

Budapest Spring Festival 2020

Sárik Péter Trio X Beethoven

Budapest Tavaszi Fesztival 2020

Ernő Kállai (violin) and János Balázs (piano) in Concert

Budapest Spring Festival 2020

Miklós Lukács (dulcimer) and the Hungarian National Philharmonic

Budapest Spring Festival 2020


Memorial exhibition of István Püspöky, graphic artist and painter (1950–2018)

04.21. - 07.26.