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Timeline of Pesti Vigadó

The permanent exhibition portraying the history of Pesti Vigadó and the building that once stood in its place called Redoute has been open since 27th May 2017. Come and explore Pesti Vigadó’s past! This exhibition can be visited with Vigadó Gallery ticket.

Flashes from the past and present
Exhibition of Attila Csáji
03.13. - 06.02.
Autumn Songs – Exhibition by Gábor Véssey
05.10. - 07.07.
Woman Artist – The Face of the Era
Discover the fascinating and diverse works of Georgian women artists from the past century to the present day.
05.30. - 06.30.
Trombone Evening
Music pieces for trombone by Hungarian composers
The Magicians’ Helpers
Exhibition by the 70-year-old Astra Puppet Company and the 30-year-old Maszk Puppet Theatre
06.19. - 09.22.
Concert by Competition Winning Young Talents
Zuglo Philharmonics Budapest
Martin Haselböck and the Orchester Wiener Akademie
Music and Poetry – Goethe, Schiller, Liszt