Miklós Kovács: Laid Table
Miklós Kovács: Laid Table
Miklós Kovács: Laid Table

Work of Art in Focus – March 2024

Laid tables play an important role in our lives. Whether the table is a festive or a really very simple one, the dining table is always a community place: in fact, joint meals are a ritual that is enhanced by a nicely-laid table. Therefore, it is worth taking the time and make a beautifully-laid table.

Miklós Kovács: Laid Table

This exhibition featuring a laid table prepared by the Kovács Family of Tie-dyers is decorated with beautiful napkins and painted eggs: the table presents the family's blue colour and pattern design, and evokes the Easter spirit.

The timeliness and recurring nature of Easter celebrations connects folk art and such folk traditions as sprinkling, egg painting and the traditional Easter feast. As we unfortunately cannot treat you with some ham, we would like to present you here one of the traditional Easter egg-dyeing practices that have been handed down through generations.

Miklós Kovács: Laid Table

Making dyed eggs is very simple.

Collect pretty shaped leaves and flowers, moisten them and put them over the eggs. Then cover the eggs with nylon stockings, press the stockings firmly against the eggs and tie the stocking ends together with a thread to make bundles. Boil these bundles in water coloured with different natural dyes, or soak the bundles overnight.

You can get a blue colour egg if you use purple cabbage juice for soaking the eggs cold.
Red onion peel turns the eggs reddish brown, while rosehip turns them pink.  
Beetroot gives a brighter red colour, and turmeric or curry gives an orange colour.
Spinach and stinging nettles lend a bright green colour.

When the eggs are done, it is a good idea to apply a thin layer of some fat to make the dye shine brighter. We wishes you the best of luck with the preparations!

The exhibition can be visited on the 5th Floor, open every day from 10.00 to 19.00 until 28th April.