Hello Summer!
Hello Summer!
Hello Summer!

Taste our new selection of refreshments at special reduced prices on Pesti Vigadó's Panoramic Terrace: Pesti Vigadó's Café now offers 20-30% discounts off the price of selected drinks.

This summer Pesti Vigadó further expands the scope of its services. From 15th May 2018, visitors holding combined tickets or tickets for guided tours are entitled to a 30% discount, while those with walk-around tickets are entitled to a 20% discount off the regular prices of selected refreshments in our Café on the Panoramic Terrace.


Old School Lemonade 890 HUF
Mojito Lemonade 890 HUF
Elderflower Lemonade 890 HUF
Lavender Lemonade 890 HUF
Passion Fruit Lemonade 890 HUF
Homemade Raspberry Juice 890 HUF
Homemade Sour Cherry Juice 890 HUF
Tea 690 HUF
Espresso 450 HUF
Caffe Latte, Capuccino 550 HUF


The following tickets will entitle visitors to the above discounts

Visitor's combined tickets: 30% discount

Full-price ticket: HUF 2,500

Tickets for students and senior citizens:  HUF 1,250

Tickets for guided tours: 30% discount

Full-price ticket: HUF 1,500

Tickets for students and senior citizens:  HUF 750

Walk-around tickets: 20% discount

Full-price ticket: HUF 1,400

Tickets for students and senior citizens:  HUF 700

Find further information about discounts offered by Pesti Vigadó and about the necessary documents to be presented for obtaining such discounts. The above discounts are available exclusively on the day when the tickets guaranteeing such entitlement are issued.

Please, check out the following links to learn about Pesti Vigadó's opening hours, most recent information concerning changes in regular opening hours, ticket prices, guided tours as well as programs and exhibitions.