Balázs Sipos: “Sacrificial Lamb”
Balázs Sipos: "Sacrificial Lamb"
Balázs Sipos: "Sacrificial Lamb"

Work of Art in Focus - September 2021

Balázs Sipos: "Sacrificial Lamb", 2021, 21 x 42 x 13 cm, casting, glass

In September, our Work of Art in Focus series feature one of the exciting artworks showcased at Pesti Vigadó's contemporary fine art and applied art exhibition entitled "Encounter", which commemorates the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. The showcasing presents works by those artists who regard faith and religion as commitment and service in today's society.

The rich and varied application of the materials used for the exhibited objects provides visitors the opportunity to behold the showcased objects in the scope of a continued aesthetic activity. This focused attention allows visitors to deeply engage in an activity of this kind as befits the sacral topic of the exhibition, which inevitably requires visitors to think deeply and look into themselves. This is also reflected by a recommendation of the exhibition written by Archabbot Emeritus of the Hungary-based Pannonhalma Archabbey Dr. Asztrik Várszegi:

"One can recognise three motifs in artworks. The first is the motif of the senses, the second is that of surprise and third is the one of admiration. This initial dynamics, however, continue and unfold in deeper layers…"

For that reason, the Work of Art in Focus in September features Balázs Sipos' artwork entitled "Sacrificial Lamb". The artist, who was born in 1979, majored in glass art at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and graduated in 2003. Subsequently, he started his career as a designer for Ajka Crystal Hungary and was engaged in the technological processes of casting. He is also active as an individual designer, and creates figural glass statues, hand-blown glasses and other objects. He is often commissioned to create artworks, his artistic efforts have been recognised by the Ferenczy Noémi Award. 

His work entitled "Sacrificial Lamb", showcased at the exhibition entitled "Encounter", is a 21 x 42 x 13 cm statue made of vibrant red glass. The artwork has been created with the help of the exciting technique of casting. This is a process in the scope of which a heat-resistant mould is prepared of a previously cast gypsum mould. This heat-resistant mould is placed in the furnace and is filled with glass through a flowerpot so that the end-product is a good quality cast. The artwork on show here was produced this year, which signals that this is a very new creation prepared specifically for this exhibition. The initially playful-looking presentation and display of the artwork, due to its clean shape and form, refers the beholder to deeper layers of content. The artwork presents a lamb, the most important sacrificial animal, which is the symbol of innocence and meekness, and whose blood is captured in one of the symbols of the Eucharist, a chalice. The carefully elaborated and powerful body of the lamb is displayed in extensive details on the plastics. Thanks to the unique technique, the play of light entering the exhibition hall makes Balázs Sipos' artwork even more exceptional.

This month's Work of Art in Focus and the Contemporary Eucharistic Exhibition of Fine Art and Applied Art are showcased in Pesti Vigadó's ground floor exhibition hall up until 10th October 2021.