Pesti Vigadó’s New Ticket Prices
Pesti Vigadó's New Ticket Prices
Pesti Vigadó's New Ticket Prices

Vigadó Gallery tickets provide admission to all of Pesti Vigadó's current exhibitions

Due to the present exceptional economic situation, visitors' admission to Pesti Vigadó will change as of 15th October 2022. From that date on, Pesti Vigadó is unfortunately unable to receive individual visitors, but our well-trained guides will continue to offer historic walk tours of Pesti Vigadó's building, and guided tours for groups – after prior registration and prior negotiated scheduling – will also be available in the future. Exhibitions will remain to be open to individual visitors, and groups of minimum 10 persons will continue to enjoy reduced ticket prices. Those wishing to visit at least two exhibitions will benefit from the newly-introduced Vigadó Gallery ticket: this ticket entitles visitors to enter all temporary exhibitions currently showcased in Pesti Vigadó, and in addition it allows entrance not only to the permanent exhibition entitled "The Timeline of Pesti Vigadó", which presents the history of Pesti Vigadó's building and the former building that stood in its place called Redoute, but also to Pesti Vigadó's Panoramic Terrace, which offers a breathtaking view.

Tickets to Pesti Vigadó's experiential pedagogy activities and Pesti Vigadó's annual exhibition passes will continue to be available at their current prices.

Pesti Vigadó's ticket prices as of 15th October 2022

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