Klára Kósa: Music among Flowers
Klára Kósa: Music among Flowers
Klára Kósa: Music among Flowers

Work of Art in Focus - February 2022

If it is February, it must be carnival time. And if so, there must be music and costumes, and celebrations to scare away winter! It was along these ideas that Pesti Vigadó has selected its work of art in focus for this month. On show from 16th February, the exhibition entitled "Most Beautiful Moments of Ours…" physically affords visitors the opportunity to spend some time among artworks created by ceramic artist Klára Kósa and her friends invited to exhibit with her.
The motto of this exhibition comes from Hungarian poet Sándor Reményik's verse entitled A szőnyeg visszája [On the Reverse of a Carpet], which features this motto as a line in the poem. For establishing a connection between the poem and the exhibition, it suffices to look around the exhibition space: the showcasing presents the career of an artist along with some of the most memorable moments of her artistic life.

"The world is nothing but a God-woven carpet,

And we humans see only its reverse,

And sometimes, during our most cherished minute,

We have a chance and see the carpet's face in our universe."


This celebratory exhibition paying tribute to Klára Kósa presents a selection of artworks created by her and other artists during her 55-year-long career. During these years Klára Kósa had the opportunity to get acquainted and work with numerous outstanding artists. Therefore, this joint showcasing also pays homage to the versatile and colourful range of artists Klára Kósa got to know during her rich artistic career. 55 invited artists, 55 friends and colleagues, and 55 stories… The exhibiting artists include potters, ceramic artists, textile artists, book designers, glass artists, sculptors, puppet makers, doll and puppet making artists, graphic artists and many of them are heads of departments at universities and concurrently free-spirited creative artists. One select group of the cream of the Hungarian art world is here to celebrate with Klára Kósa at this celebratory exhibition.

The artwork that most suitably fits the occasion, in our understanding, is the ceramic work entitled "Music among Flowers", which – as its title indicates – is closely connected to the most necessary elements of the carnival period, namely to music and dance. The three figures depict music by holding musical instruments in their hands. The beholder can almost hear the rhythm played by the flute and the harp. At the same time, the artwork is meticulous enough not to lack loveable details. The patterns and colours of the figures eventually all contribute to the creation of a composition pleasing the beholder's eye. The approaching spring and the green plants symbolise the end of winter and the coming of spring with the latter bringing a multitude of rich music and sounds.

And what we can recommend to those reading these lines is that they should come and visit the exhibition and make their visit to this showcasing hosted by Pesti Vigadó one of the festive days of their spring awakening: join us in the festive celebration of art, long-term friendships and nature. And experience with us the adoration of spring, which foretells renewal after winter and fills our souls and hearts with novel colours, sounds and music.

Academicain Klára Kósa's exhibition entitled "Most Beautiful Moments of Ours…" is showcased in Pesti Vigadó until 30th April 2022.